Shelf talk is promotional signage placed at the point of purchase featuring information about the product and benefits. It draws attention to your product in the store and delivers your timely, relevant message. Unlike other advertising, shelf talk targets your category shoppers right at the moment they are making a purchase decision. Shelf talk improves your visibility when shelf placement, limited facings, or a crowded category are an issue. This strategy is especially effective when launching new product SKUs or expanding distribution of current products into additional retailers.
We created this shelf talk program for SunButter to reach families during the back-to-school time period. 60% of schools restrict the use of peanuts/peanut butter due to food allergies. Our goal was to reach parents who needed peanut-free products to send to school, letting them know that SunButter was a school-safe, peanut-free choice. The program boosted sales by about 14% and increased awareness with a new market segment.
When research showed delicious flavor and superior nutrition were significant drivers for SunButter purchases – we began to target a broader segment of consumers with this messaging. Below is an example of this messaging be used on shelf talk at Kroger.